Friday, April 17, 2009

The Return of the Husband

Well after nearly 3 weeks away Brett is finally home this weekend to help me to pack....and to make sure I don't kill our dogs. He is very loving and softspoken, when he saw our ultrasound all he said was, "it does not look like a gumball". I am sure he is having a stroke as he walks through our house to discover that it looks more like a tornado disaster area then a home....what can I say I am a slob. Feeling a little better today I was hardly sick.....and my sweet mother-in-law dropped of some "preggie pop" to help with my morning sickness...both of my moms have been so great.

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  1. We are very excited for you and Brett. Hope you are feeling better..... try club soda with or without lime. That seemed to help me. Good luck with the move, pregnancy and starting a new chapter in your life. We all with you the best!!!!